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Donovan LLP

Donovan LLP is a full service general practice law firm which has established market leading practices in the fields of commercial real estate, real estate finance, corporate law, hospitality and fitness, and related matters, through innovative practices which are becoming the standard in the practice of law today.

In forming Donovan LLP, it was the partners' intention to create a situation where they could provide legal services of the same quality and character as provided at large firms, but at a cost structure which makes more sense to the firm's clients. The firm was founded upon the belief that the traditional large firm model was a formula that simply did not add up; rising salaries and hourly billing requirements, coupled with an increased focus on quality of life for associates would eventually prevent law firms from practicing law at the highest levels and at a rate affordable to their clients.

The partners' vision was to create a firm which provides legal services with the same responsiveness and aggressive attention to detail provided at large law firms, but with a dedication to our clients and passion for our practice that these firms often do not provide.

While the work performed by Donovan LLP is of a detail and quality comparable to that of large firms, Donovan LLP is able to provide legal services at a more reasonable cost and our billing practices are more attuned to our clients' needs. Donovan LLP believes in "value" billing. In this regard, although the firm does base its billing on hours worked, the partners also consider the value created by the firm, and the ultimate benefit received by the client, in determining the appropriate billing amount.

The firm also has a policy not to bill clients for many of the items customarily charged by other law firms, including photocopying, faxes, word processing and other "overhead" charges. The only charges the firm passes on to its clients are actual out-of-pocket expenses incurred in connection with its representation, such as messengers, courier services, and the like.

Our billing practices allow us to become our client's trusted advisor, focused on their business success, rather than a mere service provider. It is the firm's goal to serve our clients by helping them to develop and achieve their goals by providing highly responsive, invested, first quality legal representation at a reasonable cost.

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